Yoga To Heal Panic – Course Info

check mark Does your mind suddenly start racing out of control?

check mark Do you get gripped with an overwhelming sense of fear?

check mark Do you avoid certain situations, places, people to keep from having a panic attack?

check mark Are you afraid to be alone?

check mark Do you suffer from conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or heart palpitations?

stop panic attack

How would it feel to be able to keep your thoughts at bay, to conquer fear and to be able to go wherever you like – whenever you like?  It would be awesome, right?


The Yoga to Heal Panic (YTHP) Course teaches you in 5 weekly ONE-ON-ONE sessions how to break free from the chains of panic attacks.  Both in-person and Zoom sessions are available.

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Learn step-by-step to use yoga, yogic concepts from Patanjali’s Sutras, meditation and other effective tools.

Relieve the suffering caused by:

  • the perpetual cycle of panic attacks
  • limiting behaviors
  • living in fear of “next time”

It’s time to take back your life! Start now!

Week 1: Identifying Triggers/Breath for Healing
Week 2: Positive Thinking/Affirmations
Week 3: Faith, Hope/Managing Fear
Week 4: Food, Sleep, Exercise
Week 5: Underlying Issues/Moving Forward

Each weekly session begins with meditation and breath work (pranayama) followed by a share about the previous week’s homework and journaling.   Next we do an all-level yoga practice then new material is introduced and discussed. The beauty of yoga is that the postures can be modified to suit any level of practitioner.

I have been teaching yoga and meditation for over 10 years and am eager to share the wealth of knowledge that I have gained from healing myself and many others from panic disorder.

Members also have exclusive access to premium resource materials as well as ongoing support.

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Program has been converted to 8 ONLINE modules.  

Applications being accepted to take the course at a highly discounted rate in exchange for feedback.  Click for more info.

Week 1: Personality Traits/Breath for Healing
Week 2: Positive Thinking, Affirmations, Intro to Meditation
Week 3: Eight Limbs for Healing/Loving-Kindness Practice
Week 4: Identifying Secondary Gains, Meditation II
Week 5: Managing Fear
Week 6: Faith, Hope
Week 7: Food, Sleep, Exercise
Week 8: Moving Forward/Goal Setting

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