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Are you DONE with suffering from panic attacks?  Awesome!  You can do it!!

Not sure what to do now?

THINK ABOUT IT.  When you commit to eating better, perhaps you start by educating yourself on the best food plans. And you might read up on ways to avoid stress eating.

Likewise, you could look up lots of articles about panic attacks.  You could read about the causes and there is a ton of ideology online about how to stop.  It can be overwhelming, which is the LAST thing you need when you suffer from panic, right?

Good news!  I have done all the research for you and streamlined it into a FREE email course in which I detail 5 methods to move away from your Panic Threshold*.

*In a nutshell, everyone can handle some stress but, when it gets excessive, stress and anxiety can morph into panic.  The Panic Threshold is that breaking point.  Fortunately, once you learn to manage some of the stressors, you are no longer so close to the Panic Threshold and are, therefore, not as susceptible to panic attacks.

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