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#5 – Look Outward/Look Inward



It’s a whole different mindset when you can come from a place of faith that we are all connected therefore being alone is impossible.  I have so much more to say on this but will wait until we get to know each other better.


Another way to diffuse panicky symptoms is by finding something beautiful where you are.  Personally, it is easy for me to feel peaceful when I see birds – especially cardinals.


Or find something that will prompt you to laugh.  No matter how many times I see this set of mailboxes on the way to dropping my son off at school, I giggle to myself.

While there will ALWAYS be something beautiful in your surroundings if, at first, you are too strung out to find something outside of you, then instead, for now, conjure up a mental image of something you find peaceful or soothing.


I recommend picking a mental image in advance.  On a day you feel decent, look for things you find beautiful – on your route to work, in the yard, in the house.  A crocus popping up through the snow (signaling the proximity of spring), the rich color of the sky when it has no clouds, a funny billboard, even a silly math joke.

Focusing on something other than symptoms can cause their severity to decrease, moving you away from your Panic Threshold.  Plus, if you happen to connect with something in nature, it will have the added bonus of connecting you back to the entire manifest creation, so you will not feel so helpless.


Remind yourself that the Spirit within you is also a source of strength and connection, stronger than anything.  It does take some practice to fully trust in this connection with Spirit but you can begin by bringing all the attention to the breath.  In yoga, we call this pranayama.  Again, distract yourself from symptoms by noticing every aspect of the process.

  • How does the air feel as it enters the nostrils?
  • Does it feel scratchy or smooth as it goes through the throat?
  • Are you filling the lungs completely during the inhale?
  • Is the air cool or warm as it leaves the body?
  • If you slow the exhale even more this time, does the body begin to relax?

In the Yoga To Heal Panic course I go full bore – teaching you how to use yoga and, of course, the Key Method to strengthen your connection with everything around you so you can feel less alone and, in turn, less fearful, less panicky and more confident.


You will be amazed at how much better you feel when you are not always looking over your shoulder anticipating when the next panic attack will happen, no longer worrying about how debilitating it will be.  Gradually, you will begin to experience a sense of peace and confidence that maybe you haven’t felt in a long time.

And, remember, these have been smaller skills to get you going.  I have ways to work on the bigger issues too so you can put panic disorder behind you once and for all.

If you are willing to share, I’d love to hear about it.  Reach out to me either by email or via social media (I have provided the links below).

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