A Ray of Hope

Moving Forward (Together?)

How have you been feeling as you have implemented some of the suggested changes from the starter course?

Maybe you feel more peaceful, more confident, comfortable in your own skin.

Or maybe you have been even more panicky at times.

Either way, look back in your journal.  Have you been trying new things that you haven’t done in a while?  For example, did you go out driving by yourself?  If so, take the time now to give yourself credit for it.  Yay!!!!!  This is a big accomplishment – don’t let anyone minimize it.

When you start to leave your comfort zone it is totally normal to feel more panicky than usual.  It’s just the mind getting scared and rebelling a little.  Tricking you into thinking that, if you stay “inside the box”, you will be safe and therefore free from panic attacks.  But, intellectually, you already know this is bullshit, right?  As hard as you’ve personally tried to control your world, it hasn’t shielded you from panic, has it?

If you made it this far, perhaps we are a “good fit”.  In this email course, we have merely scratched the surface.  I have so much more to share with you.  I want to help you recover.  It can be done – promise.

Ready for so much more?

Reading is fundamental!

The book, Hanging by a Limb, explains in detail how to use yoga to bring your life back into harmony.  Many people think yoga is just about twisting yourself into a pretzel on a mat when, in actuality, it is an entire system that people have used since ancient times to keep their bodies and minds healthy. As a reward for taking this course, use the discount code WHATADEAL to receive 23% off.  Get your copy today.



Or immerse yourself in the full course!

The course, Yoga to Heal Panic, dives sooo much deeper into helping you not only identify what brings you closer to your panic threshold but you will also learn many more ways to work around those things.

The Key Method that I will show you is super easy to learn and, when done regularly, will positively affect many aspects of your life – in ways you never thought possible.  (I bet it’s not what you think!)

Currently this program is available as a 5 module Skype course that can be done one-on-one with me remotely but, in April 2018, the course is being piloted as an 8 module online courseApplications are currently being accepted for students to take the beta version of the course in exchange for feedback at a highly discounted rate.

Click here to be considered for this amazing opportunity.


It has been my honor to have “worked” with you and I hope you have experienced at least some relief from panic attacks.

Please keep in touch and share with me your:

  • accomplishments
  • challenges
  • thoughts about this course.

And I will keep in touch with you by letting you know when I post new contact or offer specials and what not.

Unless you don’t want to be contacted.  If you feel that I am not the right person to help you then do not hesitate to unsubscribe.  No hard feelings.  But can we make a pinky swear that you will not stop looking for answers?  If not me, there is absolutely someone else out there who can help you stop panicking.  Perhaps I could point you in the right direction. Let me know.

Enough about me, let’s talk about you1,

1“All I Really Want”, Alanis Morissette