The first building block to being taken more seriously is regularly purging your thoughts.

I like to equate this with cleaning out a closet.  After spending all the time taking out all your clothes, shoes, boxes of Lord knows what, dusting and vacuuming, you will naturally be more selective about what goes back into this space.  Maybe you donate the leather mini-skirt that served you well while clubbing in the 80’s but now you have no use for.

It’s the same with the brain.  When you regularly separate yourself from all your thoughts, preconceptions, goals, dreams and past hurts, eventually you will become equally selective about what you accept back into the mind.  Instead you evaluate if a particular thought is, like the leather skirt, part of an old paradigm that you’re still clinging to.  Let it go.

The magic begins once you start ridding yourself of those outdated conceptions.  Now you have space for new ideas, goals and healthier attitudes.  Armed with these, you will begin to react differently in challenging situations.  You develop a confidence that arises from having the tools to act in a way that (1) you can be proud of and (2) will help others gain respect for you.

Sounds great, right?

Believe me, it’s a game changer.  The technique is called Quiet Sitting.   

To give you an instant start, watch this super short video to learn a surefire breathing technique for you to get a handle on high anxiety or even a panic attack.