Speaking Up

Every time there is too much “noise” in my head I tend to exhibit symptoms of panic such as shaking, heart racing, tripping, stumbling over things, and as a result, getting physically hurt. Whenever I am not speaking my truth or am, and not being heard, this happens. I have learned so much about speaking my truth, but unfortunately, this is often met with resistance, anger and confusion by others. Sometimes I wonder, is it really worth it to open my freakin mouth when consequences seem to follow? I have had some difficulties at work since I have been speaking my truth. There is more chaos at home since I am not rescuing everyone. Yet, at what price emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually do I have to pay for shutting up? Panic, that’s the price.

2 thoughts on “Speaking Up”

  1. You are correct – panic is the price. The chaos with your family and at work is a result of the shifting paradigm. In other words, people have come to expect you to act in a certain way and your asserting yourself and displaying of a newly found self-confidence is throwing them for a loop. Maybe in the past, people leaned on you too much or took advantage of your good nature. The dust will settle as they adapt to the new and improved you; in the end, they will respect you more.

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