Choose Your Words, Change Your Life

When you diligently choose your words, you take back your life and get your reactions under control.

Available in:

  • short and long sleeve tees
  • hoodies
  • tanks
  • decals/magnets
  • mugs
  • posters
  • totes

I Do Calculus ... Not Calendar

Perfect for the math nerd in your life or the scheduling challenged.

I'm A Recovering Double Booker

Thankfully now all the appointments can now go in the phone with 15 reminders at varying increments of time. 

Now I no longer book time with the acupuncturist on Monday at 12pm and schedule a haircut on the 15th at noon, not realizing they are at the exact same time!

Naturally Caffeinated

Do you ricochet off the walls right out of bed?

You don’t even want to be in the same city with me after I’VE had a cup of coffee.

You only NEED to Breathe

“I need a manicure.” “I need to go back to school.” “I need to finish this book tonight.”

Nope, the only thing you truly NEED to do is breathe.

Literally everything else is a choice.

Tin Cup

For those times when the Universe is just egging you on to lose your cool.

Theories and Realities

How you expect things to go in theory is too often quite different from what happens in reality.

Exact Right Thing

A reminder that, even when seemingly negative things occur or when good things are elusive, the perfect thing always appears exactly when it should.

Just like it’s pointless to pull open the pedals of a budding rose before it’s ready to bloom, it’s important to practice patience and let the right things (not what you THINK is right) find you in due time.

Nickels and Dimes

So often people rationalize, “It’s just $5 more…” or “I’m not going to sweat an extra $10 per month” and then wonder why they never seem to have any money.

Financial abundance happens when you consistently choose to make smart money decisions even on the little stuff.

Spectator Sport

Ever leave lecture feeling confident that you understand the material but then, at home, the topics are so foreign it’s as if you cut math?

The only way to get past that is to work with the problems until you can do them yourself. Do the homework – even if you have to *GASP* ask for help.

NY to NJ via NM

Despite knowing that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, how often do you accomplish a task by using the most complicated method known to mankind?