About me

10 Fun Facts About Me

#1 Where’d you grow up?

I’ve lived my whole life on Long Island, New York. Moving to a warmer climate is likely in my cards in the next few years but I do like four season weather. Snow is cool as long as I don’t have to drive in it. The beaches here are awesome.

#2 Give me your take on Disney princess movies.

I never showed most of them to my kids because I didn’t want them to think that the main goal of a woman’s life was to fall in love and live happily ever after. We watched Mulan many, many times since she represents a strong, intelligent woman who risked so much to protect her family and country. We watched Beauty and the Beast too – I can’t resist a fellow book nerd.

#3 Did your childhood prepare you for this?

No and yes. I am a product of parents who, like most others their age, got married right out of high school. They were still busy being kids themselves and had no idea how to nurture someone else.

I grew up in a non-supportive environment filled with verbal abuse and a feeling of not belonging. It took time and effort but I am proud to say that, ultimately, the challenges I faced then gave me the chance to develop strength, independence and compassion for both myself and others.

#4 What are some of your hidden talents?

I have a knack for unscrambling letters like in Wordscapes. Also, I can put a good meal together on the fly with a virtually empty refrigerator.

#5 Do you use any of what you learned in college?

Actually yes. I have two degrees in mathematics and lecture at the college level. Teaching to 200+ students gives me the chance to do stand-up.

Learning about concepts like infinity taught me a lot about the Universe, which I use in my yoga practice.

I had the intention to do a minor in religion. The courses I took gave me the knowledge that we are all the same and everything (people, animals, nature) is interconnected. We are all on unique roads to the same destination. Then, by transitivity, we cannot ever be alone.

#6 What are your quirks?

Two of my idiosyncrasies are grammar related. Even though it’s antiquated now to do so, I am still reticent to dangle a preposition; I firmly believe that the semi-colon is extremely under-utilized.

#7 What’s your guilty pleasure?

Besides the obvious chocolate indulgence, I could watch the DIY network for days at a time.

#8 What’s your favorite food?

I like many different foods — I could never pick just one. I am, however, on a quest to find the best falafel.

#9 Tell me about one of your early ambitions.

I love animals and wanted to write something impressive in my yearbook for Future Profession so I put “veterinary surgeon”. When I got to college, I realized quickly that career was a pipe dream because I REALLY suck at science.

#10 Tell me about your current ambitions.

To stop the world from over-apologizing.



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