About me

We can’t control the waves, but we can learn to surf.

Drawing from the depth of a 20 year practice, I have been teaching yoga and meditation for almost 10 years.  The hatha-raja teaching style that I learned from Dharma Mittra incorporates the meditative aspects of yoga into the physical practice, two vital tools that I will teach you to end your struggle with panic attacks.

Being a poster child for the Type A personality, I worked hard and played even harder.  Sound familiar?  If I encountered a problem or conflict, not ever wanting to appear weak, I bulled my way through it.  On the outside I appeared strong, even cocky.  On the inside, though, I had a pretty low self-esteem.  As a gym rat in my twenties, I was inexplicably drawn to yoga class – with no expectations other than a workout.

Yoga and meditation led me to experience firsthand exactly how to recognize triggers for panic and showed how the thoughts that follow cause symptoms to either dissipate or escalate into an attack depending on HOW I CHOOSE TO REACT.

But, as I turned thirty, I began having panic attacks that were so debilitating it became extremely difficult to sleep, drive or even leave the house. And, even when I wasn’t panicking, I lived in literal terror of the next one.  It suuuuuucked so badly and I am so grateful that I am free of that hell.  It may not seem like it now but you can break free of it too.  It was a long journey back for me and, if you are like me, maybe you aren’t sure where to start.  I can not only get you started but can also be your Sherpa all long the way.

Talk therapy taught me to cope with the past and leave it there.  My past does not have to be my present.

I acquired all this wisdom through a tireless quest for answers. Pouring through self-help books.  Workshops. Google. Talk therapy.  Xanax (uck!).  Trial and error.  Setbacks.  Frustration.  But now I can share this knowledge so YOU can avoid the learning curve and FEEL BETTER FASTER.

When my kids were in preschool, I went back to college.  Do you have overachieving tendencies too?   And you’d think the daily hours of studying and chauffeuring with Jack’s Big Music Show playing in the background would have invoked a 6-year string of panic attacks, right?   The reality was that I managed to get through it with a minimal number of panic attacks.  How?  Because I was actually enjoying what I was doing and nothing was going to keep me from it.
Fact: once you get a handle on panic attacks, you can stop living in fear and start living your dreams like I did.  My kids are now teenagers – I love them more than I ever thought I could love anyone – and I am proud to have obtained both a bachelors and masters in mathematics.

Mathematics taught me about the physical structure of the universe; yoga taught me that we are all mere pieces of that manifest creation.

Into my fifties, I still work hard and enjoy rocking out but now I do so because I enjoy what I do and love the people in my life. Let me help you find your post-panic life.         om

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