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You can’t control the waves, but you can learn to surf.

Drawing from the depth of a 20 year practice, I’ve been teaching yoga and meditation for almost 10 years.  The hatha-raja teaching style I learned from Dharma Mittra yolks together meditation into the physical yoga practice or asana.  Separately, they’re both kick ass tools for functioning like a rock star.  Together, meditation and asana rocket your focus and productivity to the moon!

Your past does not have to be your present.

Once I had my kids, I left my job to stay at home and raise them, which prompted a quasi existential crisis. Who “was I” without a formal career? How would I spend my time? What was I eating? What should I wear?

The few times I left my toddlers with the sitter at the gym, they were sick two days later so instead I started using power yoga videos at home as a way to regain my pre-pregnancy body.

Finally, I found the way out.

To learn to manage the constant undercurrent of anxiety, I poured through self-help books.  Took courses.  Trial and error.  Setbacks.  Frustration.  So many wasted years living in fear.  But now I can teach you how YOU can avoid the learning curve and FEEL BETTER FASTER.

Mathematics taught me about the physical structure of the universe.

Yoga taught me that we are all mere pieces of that manifest creation.

When my kids were in preschool, I was called to finish college.  (I figure it must have been divine intervention because no one in their right mind would choose to tackle calculus and potty training at the same time.)

I got through 6 years of college with a minimal number of panic attacks!

You’d think the daily hours of studying along with my part-time chauffeuring “job” would have invoked one 6 yearlong panic attack, right?   I was taking yoga classes at a studio now.  Although still being challenged physically, I was starting to understand that yoga was a life skill that was helping me to heal on multiple levels.  One revelation was during a semester when I couldn’t fit any yoga classes into my schedule.  Until I stopped going, I hadn’t noticed how much calmer I had become and how much better I was handling stress.

Yoga and meditation led me to experience firsthand how thoughts caused the symptoms to either dissipate or escalate into an attack depending on HOW I CHOSE TO REACT.

I realized that I rarely panicked in the car on the way to school – even when there was traffic – because graduating from college was something I wanted to do and I wasn’t going to let panic keep me from it.  Using yogic principles and some basic lifestyle changes, I figured out how to stop a panic attack when it first started, which was extremely empowering.  Once I could make them stop, I no longer had to fear the next panic attack!  And that, in turn, caused me to be less susceptible to panic.  The cycle was broken!!

Once you stop living in fear, you can start living your dreams — like I did.

Now in my fifties, it feels awesome to be so comfortable in my own skin.

  • My kids are teenagers – I love them more than I ever thought I could love anyone.
  • I am super proud to have obtained both a bachelors and masters in mathematics.
  • Happy to be out of an office job, I now teach at the college level where I help freshman make the transition from high school to the college environment.
  • During the years that I owned a successful yoga studio, I developed and implemented the course, Yoga to Heal Panic, which will teach you how to use the principles of yoga to stop having panic attacks.
  • I achieved my dream of becoming an author. Check out my book, Hanging by a Limb.

How will YOUR post-panic life look?

I’m psyched to help you find out!
hare om

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  • helping yoga instructors hone their sequencing/adjusting
  • meditation instruction
  • Change Your Words, Change Your Life
  • Yoga to Heal Panic

Discontent is NOT a given.

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