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cropped-Deb-red-hair-2-2014.jpgDrawing from the depth of a 20 year practice, I have been teaching yoga and meditation for almost 10 years.   My hatha-raja teaching style that I learned from Dharma Mittra incorporates the meditative aspects of yoga into the physical practice.

My fascination with yoga actually began as a child first with a yoga book on my grandfather’s shelf (go figure, yoga is one of the absolute LAST things that Pop-pop would do) and then from watching Lilias Folan on PBS (yes, I am totally dating myself!).

Originally a personal trainer, I began taking yoga class with no expectations other than a workout. Back then, I was the poster child for the Type A personality.  I worked hard and played even harder. At first, I practiced yoga only sporadically; it would be a very long time before I experienced the many benefits that yoga offers beyond the physical practice.

Meanwhile, I went through a few periods where panic attacks were so debilitating it became extremely difficult to sleep, drive or even leave the house. And, even when I wasn’t panicking, I lived in literal fear of the next one. Therapy helped me begin to understand that excessive panic is a direct product of thought patterns and physical symptoms can be controlled using positive thinking. I can’t begin to measure the time I spent and the insight I gained through books and self-help tapes but, even so, I still became anxious sometimes and engaged in avoidance behaviors. It was so discouraging.

When I had my daughter, I left my career to raise her — a decision I never regretted.  Not running myself into the ground working 60+ hours a week in the office gave me the time to start thinking about who I was beyond my job.  Determined to be a role model to her, I started questioning what I ate, what I watched on TV and even what kind of a contribution I was making to the world.  After my son was born, it was tough to get to the gym so I started doing yoga with VHS tapes at home. Once the kids were in school, I ditched the gym and started practicing in a yoga studio.

Somewhere during that time, I went back to college part-time to finish my degree in mathematics.  It was definitely a challenge balancing driving the kids to hockey and gymnastics with calculus.  I studied before they got up and after dinner; heck, I even studied at the Islanders game!

A month after completing my masters, I graduated from yoga teacher training (ever the student). After teaching where I had been practicing for years, I took the opportunity to buy the studio.  That was an amazingly gratifying 5-year journey and in June 2015 I sold the studio to begin this new chapter.

My studies led me to experience firsthand exactly how yoga not only helps one to recognize triggers for panic but also how the thoughts that follow cause symptoms to either dissipate or escalate into an attack.  Mathematics taught me about the physical structure of the universe; yoga taught me that we are all mere pieces of that manifest creation.   I could speak about how my spiritual beliefs and faith fit in but that will have to wait for another time. =]

Today, I am proud to say I lead a full life, no longer controlled by the fear (FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real) that once dominated my thoughts. I wholeheartedly look forward to guiding YOU on that journey to taking your life back and living it to the fullest.

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